Hey guys!

If you have been following me on social media or if you happen to visit my blog, you will notice immediately that I READ A LOT. I joined Instagram (I didn’t even know bookstagram was a thing at the time) to keep myself accountable as I executed my 2018 goal of reading more books. I went from reading zero books over the past five years, to surpassing my 2018 goal of reading thirty books.

Im often asked ‘How do you read so many books?’ and ‘Are you a teacher?’. I’m not a teacher, I’m not a student studying in the arts (I never did anyway – Im all science), and I do not work in publishing. I read because I LOVE BOOKS and I was reminded that bibliotherapy is often the best therapy, especially between my real life appointments with my therapist.

Sooooo here are five tips that I hope will help you to read more even when you’re busy.

  1. Always keep books around you

    When you keep books around you, and they are easily accessible – they become visual reminders to read. Visualization is an extremely powerful technique and it is key in achieving anything you want in life.
    Keep books in places where you spend a lot of time, or at least nearby. Personally I have books on my nightstand,  the coffee table, in piles around the house, in my car, at my desk  at work, and I always have at least two in my purse.

  2. Choose books you are genuinely interested in reading

    Selecting what books to read can be difficult for some individuals, and I will save that for another blog post BUT, if you are trying to find time to read more, you should only select books that YOU are genuinely interested in.
    Everyday you are being recommended books to read by your favorite bookstagrammers, friends, family, publishers, media houses, celebrities…etc and it can become extremely overwhelming. So while you may want to share new releases, and talk about the same books everyone else is raving about  STOP and ask yourself – Do I really want to read this? Is this something I care about? Am I really interested in this point of view/ storyline? Am I only reading this because everyone else is? What would I rather read instead?
    Life is too short to read books you’re not interested in or really care about.

  3. Read in the moment

    I am completely ok with reading in ten or fifteen minute bursts. I don’t need to carve out one hour or more each sitting to read. Every morning while I’m having my cup of tea or coffee I read a piece of poetry or prose which usually takes ten minutes, sometimes even less.
    I always have a book on hand (point number one) so if I end up having some time between meetings, while running errands, or if I arrived at my destination early – I will pop out my book and read.

  4. Prioritize reading

    If you genuinely want to read more, you need to make reading a priority. If you find that you watch three hours of television daily, split your time and read for an hour and watch television for only two hours instead.

  5. Find your rhythm

    Finding your rhythm will definitely help you to maximize your reading time. Are you a morning person or a night owl? When do you have quiet/ alone time to read?
    I’ve tried reading at various times of the day to find what works best for me. In the morning before anyone else is awake, I will read poetry with my tea or coffee and if Im up really early I will also squeeze in a short story. At night, after I’m home from work, cooked dinner, and Im washed up – I will opt to watch less television, and read a novel instead. On weekends, I run errands and do chores on a Saturday (even if it means I’m up late) so I can have Sundays off to just read and relax.

I really hope that these five tips will help you to read more books, even when you are busy.

What is stopping you from reading?

Do you read a lot? How do you find the time?
I would love to know your tips and suggestions!

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