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Continuing in my  “monthly book spending diary” I will be outlining how much I spent on books for the month of September.

If you want to see what my monthly spend was for the months of March to May and the reasons why I am doing this, read my first post : How Much Did I Spend on Books March – May.

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Now for my September book spend!


BJ’s Wholesale $14.99
Books Purchased

– Vox by Christina Dalcher

Obvious State $19.95
Books Purchased

– Blind Date with a Book

SEPTEMBER Monthly Total $34.94

If you have been following my MONEY DIARIES posts over the last few months, or you just happened to read them just now, this may be a WOAH what happened moment?! So for the month of September, I make the biggest effort ever to not buy any books. The reason for the extra effort is because I made a HUGE purchase, and I wanted to keep all my other “shopping expenses” low. So what did I buy? I purchased a brand new computer. The laptop I was using before was ten years old, and while slow – it did everything I needed it to do BUT I wanted to get new software and old faithful could not handle it.
The price tag on the new computer, with tax $3507.48. So maybe that helps to explain why my restraint on books buying was so strong LOL.

So, now here is my “disclaimer” in hopes to reduce the number of misunderstandings this post might generate.
It is not my intention to be offensive by posting my “money diaries” and “book spend”. I understand that we all have different incomes, expenses, and priorities. I am also sensitive to the fact that not everyone has the same means. This is just meant to be an honest account of my book spend, a way to keep me accountable, and a way to try and remove the stigma that “bookstagrammers” who partner with publishers don’t purchase books as well. Yes, I do get the occasional free book here and there, but I also buy a lot as well.

My hope is to find a budget I am comfortable with and I am able to stick with so I will be able to achieve my other goals that require me saving money.


If you are currently struggling with saving, spending, and budgeting like I am, or you use to struggle, or you have your financial life figured out…I would love to hear it.

I also welcome your general thoughts on my book spend posts as well.

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