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Today I want to share with you one of my literary girl crushes – Sarah Hochman! I first discovered Sarah in my paternal grandmother’s bookcases years ago, when I was either in fifth or sixth form. Fast forward to about three weeks ago, Turner Publishing Company sent me their fall 2018 catalog and there she was – ‘The Sandra Hochman Collection’ republished, and available for purchase…I nearly died!

The books photographed above are eight of the eleven books from the Turner Publishing collection, and I am hoping to get my hands on the other three. I will update the photograph then, but after receiving these today I am way too excited to wait on the missing titles to do a blog post.

The titles not photographed are – The Shakespeare Conspiracy, Streams, and The Magic Convention.
You can find her collection here – http://www.turnerpublishing.com/authors/detail/sandra-hochman

Some of your may be wondering, Who is this woman? Why is Victoria so obsessed? and Why haven’t I heard of her? In my opinion, it doesn’t matter because you are here now reading my blog post. I really hope I can do this living legend some justice by sharing a little about who she is, her amazing work, and why I am a fan!

Sarah Hochman

Sandra Hochman is a feminist, mother, wife, divorcee, painter, award winning novelist, screenwriter, film producer, lyricist, journalist, educator, and Pulitzer Prize nominated poet. Born in Manhattan, September 11, 1936.  Graduate of Bennington College, Columbia University, and Sorbonne University. She is the author of eight novels and memoirs, seven volumes of poetry, two nonfiction books, author and illustrator of a book of paintings. She has written for The New Yorker, People, Harpers Bazaar, and The New York Times to name a few. Her documentary “Year of the Woman (1973)” was the first and only documentary about the women’s movement and this caused a huge sensation at the time. While it was shown across the world – a lot of people didn’t see it. It was considered so radical (in my opinion it was ahead of its time), it was locked up for forty years.

Hochman was first nominated for the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1960. In 1963 she was the first female to receive the  Yale Series of Young Poets Competition award, and was nominated again for the Pulitzer that same year.

She is a powerhouse of a woman. Not only is she extremely multi talented, but I also admire her for the waves she created by being a part of the early feminist movement. It is just a bonus I love her work, because I truly think she is a one of kind, phenomenal woman.

Tuner Publishing – Sandra Hochman Collection

Below I have listed the books that have been republished by Tuner Publishing as a part of the Sandra Hochman collection. To read more about the books and the different options for purchase if you are interested in collecting her – simply click “Click Here To Read More”.

Walking Papers by Sandra Hochman

“First published by Viking Press in 1971, Hochman’s widely-praised novel is about a messy divorce told with a poet’s verve.”
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Happiness Is Too Much Trouble by Sandra Hochman

“First published by Putnam in 1976, Hochman’s follow-up to Walking Papers is the story of a unique woman told by a unique voice in American literature.”
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Endangered Species by Sandra Hochman

“First published by Putnam in 1977, Hochman’s third novel is the story of Kathy Kahn’s tireless search for love and purpose through business ventures, poetry, activism, and doomed love affairs.”
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Streams : Life Secrets for Writing Poems and Songs by Sandra Hochman

“First published by Prentice-Hall in 1978, Hochman’s approach to teaching is just as unconventional and revelatory today as it was forty years ago.”
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Jogging by Sandra Hochman

“First published by Putnam in 1979, Hochman’s fourth novel is the story of a man always one step ahead of love.”
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Playing Tahoe by Sandra Hochman

“First published by Wyndham Books in 1981, Hochman’s fifth novel is an unsparing and no-holds-barred look at the music business through the eyes of a woman who bets it all.”
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The Magic Convention by Sandra Hochman

“Ever since Amanda could remember, she wanted to be a magician like her uncle Bill. When he came to New York to attend the magic convention, she went with him to the Commodore Hotel and watched while professional magicians from all over the world performed their newest and most exciting tricks. The most thrilling moment of all came when Perry the Magnificent asked Amanda to help him perform a trick on stage, and she took her first step toward her future career.”
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Loving Robert Lowell by Sandra Hochman

“Hochman first met Pulitzer Prize-winning American poet Robert Lowell in 1961 at the Russian Tea Room in New York. She was to interview him for Encounter magazine.”
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Remembering Paris 1958-1960 by Sandra Hochman

“Remembering Paris 1958-1960, A Memoir chronicles Sandra’s years before meeting Lowell, her first teenaged love and subsequent tumultuous marriage to an internationally famous concert violinist at the age of 21, her life as an American expatriate, and finding her creative voice in the City of Lights.”
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The Shakespeare Conspiracy by Sandra Hochman

For fifteen years Anne Hathaway kept a diary. It was no ordinary diary, as Anne, an excellent writer of poems and songs in her own right, was also the wife of the world’s most famous poet and playwright, William Shakespeare. In its pages she reveals the man she knew and loved and their shared life full of triumph and tragedy.
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Portraits of Genius Friends by Sandra Hochman

Sandra Hochman seemingly knew everyone, and throughout her life, she captured those friends’ likenesses in one-of-a-kind watercolors that now adorn the walls of her Manhattan apartment. Hochman’s Portraits of Genius Friends is a rare glimpse into the world of one of America’s singular literary voices and reveals a life lived amongst some of the greatest artists of the 20th Century, including Pablo Picasso, Truman Capote, Andy Warhol, George Plimpton, Phillip Roth, Milos Forman, Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Elie Wiesel, Leonard Bernstein, Allen Ginsburg, James Baldwin, and, believe it or not, many more.
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