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Thanks to Tuner Publishing I discovered Apocalypse Child by Flor Edwards. I will admit that I don’t read a lot of non-fiction and even worse, memoirs but when I decide to, I am very selective. Apocalypse Child does not disappoint. The authors very fluid writing skills brought me to a world that I know very few of us will know to exist. She describes how she chose to unpack her childhood and attempted to make sense of it all. Paired with her full transparency – Apocalypse Childe makes for an excellent read. A truly well written and inspiring memoir.

To top things all off, I had an opportunity to ask the author a few questions which I will share with you below in a Q&A format. I was so excited when she agreed to answer my questions because even before reading this book, I know one will have questions. After reading it, you will certainly have more.

Apocalypse Child by Flor Edwards

Overview: Spoiler Alert – Low

For the first thirteen years of her life, Flor Edwards grew up in the Children of God. The group’s nomadic existence was based on the belief that, as God’s chosen people, they would be saved in the impending apocalypse that would envelop the rest of the world in 1993. Flor would be thirteen years old. The group’s charismatic leader, Father David, kept the family on the move, from Los Angeles to Bangkok to Chicago, where they would eventually disband, leaving Flor to make sense of the foreign world of mainstream society around her. Apocalypse Child is a cathartic journey through Flor’s memories of growing up in a group with unconventional views on education, religion, and sex. Whimsically referring to herself as a real-life Kimmy Schmidt, Edwards’s clear-eyed memoir is a story of survival in a childhood lived on the fringes.
– Synopsis was taken from the book.

Q & A with Flor Edwards


Author Flor Edwards


Q: What made you decide to share your story and write Apocalypse Child?

A: I first had the idea to write Apocalypse Child when I was a freshman in college. I wrote a 10-page research paper entitled “A Cult: The Family of Love” about my childhood and I realized immediately it was never going to fit in ten pages! 


Q: How long did it take you to write the book?

A: From conception to publication, it was 12 years total, however, I wasn’t writing the entire time. I took the time to get both my undergrad and graduate degree. I also had to go through the process of finding an agent, editing, submitting, etc. I always say I wasn’t writing for 12 years. it just means that for 12 years I didn’t quit. 


Q: Considering the events described in your memoir occurred during your formative years, do you experience effects in your life today?

A: I think effects from early childhood will always have an effect on someone. However, I choose to make something with what I’ve been given which is why I chose to write my book and pursue education. In some ways growing up in this type of controlling environment is like having an invisible disability as we were severely scarred mentally and emotionally. It takes me a long time to get things and I always feel like an outsider. I also have a tough time in relationships. 


Q: What has the response been from family and friends since publishing?

A: Some of my family has read it and they loved it. My mom has been very supportive of my book. All my friends have been very supportive of my book and writing both when I was writing and now that it is published.


Q: What do you want readers to take away from reading your memoir?

A: That you can make something beautiful out of a tragic situation. That life is what you choose to make it. That art and writing can help you form a new, healthy perspective, and taking control of the narrative of your life can change your life. 


Q: What can readers expect from Flor Edwards the author?

A: More writing projects, although at this time I can’t quite specify what they may be 🙂 



I want to thank Flor Edwards for taking the time out to answer my questions. I thoroughly enjoyed your memoir and I found your openness and transparency not only eye-opening but truly inspiring.

Apocalypse Child is now available for purchase. If you don’t see it at your favorite bookseller, ask them for it because this is a book that should be on shelves everywhere. If you want it right away, you can order it on Amazon (linked here).

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