Girl With No Selfie is my creative space where I share my love for books, tea, wine, and travel. I also share a bit of my everyday life, plus life lessons I’ve learned along the way. Expect reviews, recommendations, and some of my personal thoughts and experiences.


Hiya! Im Victoria a  British Jamaican gal, living in South East Florida since November 2016. I’m happily married to the love of my life and we both enjoy doing everything outdoorsy together. I started this blog in February 2018 as creative outlet, but also as a part of my therapy.

Initially I had no clue what I wanted to blog about, and I had no idea bookstagram existed. I happened upon a book giveaway on Instagram for Sunburn by Laura Lippman. A week later, the book arrived in my mailbox and the following Sunday I read the entire book. I had completely forgotten how much I loved reading. I was an avid reader growing up but during parts of university and after that, I barely read anything. Surprisingly after reading that book on Sunday I was calm, happy, relaxed, and in a weird way I felt fulfilled. That’s when I decided what my blog’s focus will be – and here we are!


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