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I have a confession. My bookstagram family and the general community I have found online through my @girlwithnoselfie Instagram account has been so much more than I could ever hope for. Its more than just sharing, and reviewing books for me – its a place where I have really connected with people. I find so much encouragement, support, and reassurance in the community my heart overflows with gratitude. What started as a page to help me stay accountable for my reading goal of thirty books in 2018 has now become a creative outlet that is extremely fulfilling for me in many other ways.

I’ve noticed that when I share inspirational quotes on my page, I get DM’s and comments saying I needed this. It reminded me that as individuals, we are more alike than we are different. We all struggle with something in our lives. When someone shares something uplifting, or something they are struggling with – it makes us feel less alone.

I’ve decided to start another series entitled “Thing I’ve Learned“. My hope is that it may encourage someone, lift them up, or make them feel less alone. I’ll include things that are important, life changing and even a few shallow things too. I am currently in therapy so there may be a few tidbits from my therapist thrown in as well.

Without further ado, here are a few things I have learned in the month of October.

1.  Making Over Your Mornings Can Change Your Life

If you have a long “to do list” or you want to include things into your schedule that you would love to do but feel you don’t have time for – you can fit everything in if you restructure your mornings. I was complaining about not finding time to work out regularly, read more books, cook my meals at home because I want to eat healthy, clean my house, attend all my charity meetings, have a social life, pay attention to my husband (especially when he is off from work), find time to work on my entrepreneurial pursuits, blog, write,  plus a whole host of other things. A lady friend of mine recommended that I make over my mornings and I will find time for everything.
The concept is, schedule “everything that does not have to be done, but you want to get it done” in the morning. Do it before the rest of the world wakes up, and before you have “life and work distractions”. By doing this you will start being more productive and ticking everything off your to do list.
So far its been working for me, but I am not as rigid on the weekends. They say it takes 90 days to create a habit, so let’s see. If you want more details on this, leave me a comment below.

2. Tea Tree Oil Is Amazing But Too Much Is No Good

I know essential oils have been on the rage since forever, but I am always late to everything. I started using it to help clear up a rash on my arm it was AMAZING. I was in such awe that I started to search online to see what else its good for. I read numerous  articles that mentioned it was good for acne so I decided to give it a try. It did not work out for me BUT I learned a few things. Tea tree oil must be diluted – I dilute one drop with witch hazel. Now I only use it once a week, as opposed to applying it as a spot treatment.

3. Book Club Discussions are Amazing!

I have never been apart of a real book club or participated in a real life book discussion. Im a bit of an introvert, and when I lived in a city I wasn’t reading as much as I am now. Prior to now, when I was reading like crazy, I lived in a rural town with no indie bookstores or public book clubs. Currently, I live in the suburbs, and there are no indie bookstores in my town. The only public book club that exists here is the Barnes and Nobles book club.
Well, I had a Google Hangouts book discussion with @badgalreading @thecrazybookhoarder @reggiereads and @e.reads_ and it was amazing! I felt like I had known these people forever. It was great listening to the different interpretations, and a story we  all felt had no meaning or moral initially – through discussion, we made sense of it all.

4. Small Group Gym Training / Boot Camp Will Burn Calories Fast

I signed up for a small group training at my gym where we do interval circuit  training. Essentially we workout at one station doing the required exercise for one minute, we have thirty seconds of rest, we move on to the next station and repeat for three rounds. There are usually six stations and five people in the group. Our workouts are normal twenty five to thirty minutes, and I burn three hundred calories on average each session.
Before this class I would usually show up at the gym for a minimum of forty five minutes (30 mins on cardio, and 15 on weights). Ive been doing this for a while but this class kicked my ass the first week. I did 4/5 classes and I was sore all over. Its one month later and I can tell the difference already. I think because I am in a group setting, Im forced to complete the workouts as opposed to me doing it on my own and stopping when Im tired. Im also learning new techniques, so Im working muscles I didn’t know existed lol. Since Ive started this class, I have dropped a dress size and I haven’t done anything else different. It’s amazing, I’m loving it and  I’m burning those calories fast.

* * *

I know I probably learned a lot more in October but I was not journaling about these things at the time, so I probably forgot a few. Next month, I will have my journal entries to reference, as its something I have consciously included going forward.

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